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      You still doing this site?

      Wondering how you trade the 3000 tick ES on a day like today.  Lots of bars – every minute or two – all day long.  Do you increase the number to ticks to say 6,000?  Do you switch to the 5 minute?

      Just curious.  Thanks.




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      Hi Dave,

      Haa.. I have been tempted to write a message to all apologizing for the slow delivery of more material! Hang in there! Working on the trade management post and practicing live trade recordings – which do interfere with ‘normal’ focused trading. Getting there, hopefully first video this week.

      I stick with the 4,000 tick chart all the time but do have a small 5 minute chart off to side for reference and to ‘see/imagine what Al is thinking!’. Do not trade the 5 minute but do have my second account attached to it for use when video recording main 4k tick chart.

      I used to trade the 2,000 tick some time ago but far too fast. If you find the 3,000 tick too fast, no problem to increase to 4k or 6k if you are happy with it. Just a chart, right? As long as you are Ok with the resultant increased risk.

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