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      Fernando Silva


      I checked the other posts to make sure this question had not been asked before. I hope I did not miss any post.

      First of all, thanks for the Best Trades course, it was great and has been helping me a lot. I checked your bonus video on Order Flow trading and was very interested. I went through the Jigsaw website, but I could not find an exact answer for my question/situation, so I was wondering if you could help me:

      – I trade futures and stocks with IB Canada (broker) and DAS Trader (trading platform) and am really happy with both of them. Therefore, do you know if I could purchase the license for Jigsaw, use it on another computer just to check order flow and keep placing the trades on my regular platform. And if that is possible, what should I purchase exactly? I mean in addition to the purchase.  (E.g., data feed service).

      I hope my question makes sense. I am just trying to figure out how much I would be spending to have the service running, but am not even sure about what I would need.

      Thank you in advance.

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      Hi Fernando.

      Maybe I can help.   Jigsaw uses data that you have subscribed to.   I am pretty sure that if you have a separate data stream, you then you will have to pay for two feeds.   Jigsaw doesn’t work with every platform, although I think it will do stand alone.  But you would still have to pay for a separate data feed.

      But if you are making money trading, then an extra $15-50 per month for the extra data feed would be no big deal.

      So you almost certainly need to pay for an extra data feed unless you are using a compatible platfrom.  And then Jigsaw costs quite a bit.  $600 basic, $900 some extra videos, $1800 even more videos.  Peter Davies is always marketing his upgrades.  I got the $900 package on sale for the $600 price.

      If I use Jigsaw, then I use it with NinjaTrader, or Metatrader 5.  I dont have to pay for an extra datafeed, as it just uses the compatible platform.  But I don’t think your DAS trader is listed as a compatible platform, and so that is why you would need an extra data feed.

      Hope that helps.





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        Fernando Silva

        Hi, Randy,

        That helped a lot indeed. Thanks a lot for the explanation. It helped me decide which step to take next.


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