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    Ignore the typical trading educators' marketing hype and simplify your trading approach. You do NOT need fancy, useless indicators, and whatever else out there to trade with. Keep it simple.
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    Ignore the trading educators (often with conflict-of-interest Introducing Broker agreements) saying you have to blow your account, perhaps several times, to learn trading. Crazy, immoral talk. Keep it honest.
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    You can rely on the Brooks Price Action methodology to build your success. Best Trades is your ideal induction into trading. Or your powerful Brooks Price Action refresher course  Core videos approved and narrated by Al Brooks himself. Unrivaled.
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    There really is no need to spend thousands of dollars, and thousands of hours learning to trade. Relax, focus on reliable setups, take action when seen, and good results will follow. Keep your calm, trade and flourish.

The Value You Get in the Course

7 Course Modules to help you achieve consistent trading profits

Module 1 Introduction Thumbnail

What is price action?

Duration: 46:49 min

A hearty welcome and an exclusive What is price action? podcast with Al Brooks. Immerse yourself, and absorb valuable trading insights.

Module 2 MTR Thumbnail

Identify market reversals

Duration: 43:22 min

The best setup for beginners as well as more experienced traders. Learn how to identify and swing trade Major Trend Reversals (MTR).

Module 3 Pullbacks Thumbnail

Stay with the trend

Duration: 60:57 min

Trend trading can reward you with very good returns. Identify trend pullback trades to keep with the trend and avoid being trapped out.

Module 4 TRR Thumbnail

Trade sideways market

Duration: 63:25 min

Further hone your trading skills with each Trading Range Reversal until buying or selling pressure leads to a breakout into new trend.

Module 5 BO Thumbnail

Catch lucrative runners

Duration: 72:03 min

Time for your final Best Trade setup. You will learn to identify and trade breakouts. You do not want to miss out on these very profitable trades.

Module 6 Conclusions Thumbnail

Best Trades resources

Duration: 14:32 min

Want to go deeper, very deep into price action? Or follow up related Best Trades resources like order flow trading, useful books, psychology?

Module 7 Bonus Thumbnail

Live trading demonstrations

Duration: 63:20 min

The only valid proof of any trading system is to make real money! Best Trades live trading demonstrations will be done for your study.

Module 6 U25 Subtitles Thumbnail

And more...

Video subtitles

All course videos are provided with professionally produced subtitles for both English and Portuguese (Brazil) languages. Other languages may be offered if demand proven.

About your coach

I love trading and you should too! As Al Brooks will tell us, we need to be happy in our job as trader. We also need to take trading serious, and work hard to realize the benefits. Life really can be magical when we get to make a good living from trading, so please treat trading seriously, work hard, and your success will follow.

I also love coaching, or training, having designed and delivered countless specialist courses in my pre-trading engineering management career. All my experience helps me to help you succeed at trading.  We are in this together.

“Join me and the Best Trades trading community here to enjoy a proven approach to prosper from trading. Focus on the Best Trades setups -- take action when they appear -- and the results will follow.”

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What Traders Are Saying...


I started studying trading about 4 years ago, but never really got anywhere until I discovered Brooks Price Action (the study of price action, bar by bar, as it has become known). I am now a full time professional trader and use these setups to make money week in week out.

Angus Girvan (Independent trader)

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Understanding price action is powerful knowledge but it also needs lots of practice. Once it becomes a skill, your trading can easily substitute a salary even if you trade a small position size. It gave me the confidence to move from a lucrative IT consulting career to full time trading this year. It was neither easy nor quick, but it is worth it.

Jack Paddington (Independent trader)

Is This Course Right For You?

The Brooks Price Action Best Trades course is not for everybody. 

Who is BEST TRADES for

  • Aspiring/beginner traders wanting a cost-effective introduction to a proven trading methodology.
  • Experienced traders looking for consistent profits by focusing on fewer and reliable price action setups.
  • Serious traders not afraid of hard work, looking to enhance or add price action trading skills.
  • Brooks Trading Course members wanting a short refresher course with Al's unique Best Trades perspective.

Who is BEST TRADES not for

  • Anyone looking for a get-rich-quick system, Holy Grail, or silver bullet for trading. Not gonna happen.
  • Traders not willing to put serious effort and time into learning the art and science of trading.
  • Traders constantly looking for the next best thing, switching tools and strategies, and not making money.
  • Dreamers expecting to buy their first Ferrari this year, or sooner! (Be realistic and look longer term.) 
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Try this online course risk free for 30 days and if you find you really cannot trade more effectively with price action Best Trades, just send us a message and we'll refund your money, no questions asked.

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